Sunday, 18 December 2011

On Bended Knees

On my knees in my heart and in life,
For you LORD my savior are forever,
You give me the light of life
My very existence was made to praise you
For you my God are the One,
You are the guide the amazing light
That never fades or bends,
LORD you are and always will be here,
These words will never be able to express
How awesome you are to me,
This psalm will never praise you enough,
For LORD when I was lost and unknown
You reached down and held my heart,
You sheltered my breaking soul
And kept me dry from the torrent,
In my greatest hour of need you were there,
Guiding my heart to see your glory
And love that never ends, your love stays,
Through war and strife your love stays,
Even in destruction your mercy reigns,
As the waters rise you are my life line,
In the howling winds of confusion
You bring me to see the truth and way
Of salvation and eternity, you lead me
Safely away from the fires of death,
For LORD you are beyond any feeling
I may have you are truly the LORD of lords,
The GOD of gods, you are the one and only,
The Alpha and Omega the first and forever,
In my lost nature you comfort me always,
For YAHWEH you are great and awesome
Beyond any comprehension that we may perceive,
I will always be on bended knees forever
For all praise and honor and glory
Belong to your glorious and amazing name,
You are the first, the creator of the universe,
In this moment you guide my way to purity
And I praise you Jesus for that always,
I praise you LORD for your grace and love,
You LORD are my only desire my only true love,
My redeemer you are the light of salvation
The very breath of life that turns the universe
And brings us to see the truth of everlasting love,
My God and heavenly father you are amazing,
You uphold justice and love in every age
LORD you remain ever present in every day,
You my LORD, my life, my light, are deserving
Of all praise and worship, you are the only truth,
The only way to happiness, the only way to love,
For LORD you are Love, you are Joy, You are perfect,
LORD I am yours, I am always ready to hear,
Open my heart to seek only you and only your grace,
I Love you LORD, I Love you always, forever I will praise,
For you are the pen that writes the story of my life,
You are the moving force behind the joys of the heart,
Love is your language and truth your shield,
Just righteousness is the divine flame that is eternally
And forever within your hands of merciful compassion
I am your servant LORD, I am here for you,
Father I will always be on bended knees
For you saved me when I was running away,
You took me into your kingdom when I was undeserving
And opened my eyes to see your glories forevermore,
From everlasting to everlasting you are my comfort,
Filled forever is my heart from infinity to infinity,
For you constantly renew my spirit to see your peace,
Thank you Jesus my LORD so much for the Joys of the heart,
My songs to you will never end as long as my soul has breath!