Sunday, 18 December 2011

Beyond Compare

Please Lord save my heart from my own destruction,
Lord Jesus give me the strength to fight my temptations,
Give me the sight I once had,
The will to turn away from the abyss of lies
And turn to your divine amazing grace
That frees my soul beyond anything,
Those feelings of selfishness will never rule me
For you God have given me the way,
You have given me the path to Eternity
To the golden gates of purity and true love,
Creator of the universe Lord of compassion
Give me the defense within my heart
To run away from the lust that destroys truth,
Savior of my life give me the clarity
To only see you in my life always,
Destroy all of the darkness within,
The actions that separate me from you,
Lord I await for the day
That I will bow at your feet once again
I pray that that day may come soon
For Lord you are the Light that is Love
You are the flood that washed away my tears,
Your Spirit awakens me every moment of my life
To breath in the amazingness of your mercy
And forever limitlessness of your Love that you give me
In every second and every year,
God you have given me the rain to grow
You have made the river of pureness that never fades,
Lord you free me from the prisons that I’ve made
Within my heart and mind you shatter the corruption
That wants to divide me from you,
Emmanuel truth flows from your spirit
And gives me the rebirth of the heart,
A rededication of the mind and soul,
Lord I await your return with joy always
And when my soul rises to heaven
My songs of praise will never end,
For you Lord of eternity and forever
Have touched my heart beyond compare!

Ocean Upon My Face

The rain comes down from above
And an ocean is released onto my face,
I look towards the sky with a smile
And feel the ripples of joy flowing,
Every wrinkle on my face experiences
A little piece of happiness from above,
In this day of watered sky I feel peace
For an ocean of love is upon my face
And I know every drop from above is a reassuarance,
Of Life Eternal, of Peace Eternal, and Love Eternal!

Peace Forever

Peace forever and always
In the land of ultimate love
Is available to all who seek,
Yes even in the darkness
We can see the light
Of forever and always perfection,
Even from these streets of blood
We can know of the eternal place
Of perfect perfection in every way,
We can breath in the infinite love
From above every single day,
We can truly know of our future,
In this hour we can know
And be sure beyond any doubt
Of our eventual destination,
In these days of confusion
We can know of clarity complete,
We just have to listen
And look in the right places,
Never focusing on those things
Of darkness or hate
But on the light of forever
On goodness and the Prince of Peace!

Rising In The Eternal Sunrise

We can rise in the eternal sunrise
We can breath the joy that lasts forever
Within that supernova of emotion
And pureness so good and infinite
For the stairway to heaven has been opened
And we can know of perfect love
Beyond anything we have ever known
For the one and only supreme love
Has shown us the way to perfection
Jesus Christ has shown the world the way
Of life and salvation and has opened heaven
To all who release their darkness
God is bringing us out of the night
And into the eternal rising sunrise!

Heart Of Grace

We are all dark inside,
Within our souls we hate
And plot of dark things,
Yet in the morning light
The One and Only
Gives us a hand and pulls us
Out of the darkest of places,
In this moment the Forever
And always fills our hearts
With an overwhelming grace,
May we never hide that love
Even in the most trialling of days,
May we shout from the rooftops
That we are loved and all
Can know of the Eternal Love
That is given freely
From the throne of peace
And perfection above!

The Alpha Omega

The Alpha Omega is the perfect always,
He holds my hand with kindness supreme
Always giving me warmth from the cold;
When I once walked in darkness
Long ago in a shattered dream
I had no idea that eternity was so perfect,
I had no concept of perfection as I do now,
The Forever and Always gave me sight
To see this infinite future that will be,
The Lord of Love gave me visions of paradise
To know of absolute purity and goodness unhindered,
Jesus Christ the Light of the world gave me Life!

Rising In Glorious Mercy

Years and years pass me by
As the universe sings a song of hope,
I dance to the beat as the waters rise
And pray that my life was pure and clean,
That my heart was surrendered to Christ
Ready to enter those pearly gates
And be welcomed by Peter and Paul,
I pray that my heart is opened to grace
As I make that last journey to paradise,
In this hour of unknown future I am ready
To live in that new Eden with my LORD,
I am ready to feel my soul be reborn
In the presence of the Alpha and Omega,
The One and Only GOD of peace and love
My savior and redeemer who is always there,
Years and years may pass me by
And many days may fade from memory
But that last day I shall praise God even more
For I will see Him in that moment
Rising in glorious mercy beyond all things!