Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Lord Is My Strength And My Song

The Lord is my strength and my song
He has swept aside every evil thought
And every unholy thing within,
The Lord is my refuge and my comfort,
I shall not want other things for He fills my heart!

In every age He stands upon Love
And brings the lost into His arms,
For the Lord is great in every way,
Your Spirit Lord blasts away all sin
And leaves only the purity that is You,
For you Lord are great beyond all things,
The mountains tremble from your very name
And the ocean splits at the coming of your power!

O Lord my God you held my heart
Before I even took a breath from this Earth,
You my Savior my redeemer and Lord
Have taken me to feel Your Love and grace,
Even before I knew Your name You were there
Guiding my soul to see your mercy
And forgiveness that overwhelms all evil,
You Lord are my shield when I am defenseless
My shelter when I am cold and weary,
For you Lord Jesus are my forever hope you are my life!

Yahweh You stand for the meek and helpless
The searching souls who want your Love,
No matter the evil in this world you will always triumph
For you Lord are beyond all comprehension,
Your Love and mercy is beyond anything,
Beyond all war and strife, beyond any deceitful plot of man,
Or the false promises of self proclaimed leaders,
You Lord are beyond the very foundations of the Earth,
The entire universe couldn’t even begin to show
How awesome and wonderful you really are,
You truly are Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end!

Purity, Love, and Truth, are your foundations,
For your word always remains and is infinite,
Your comfort stays in every eon and day,
Each moment You reign supreme with mercy
And you bestow compassion to those who seek You,
O my Savior, my Lord, my God, You are Eternal!