Sunday, 18 December 2011

Rising In Glorious Mercy

Years and years pass me by
As the universe sings a song of hope,
I dance to the beat as the waters rise
And pray that my life was pure and clean,
That my heart was surrendered to Christ
Ready to enter those pearly gates
And be welcomed by Peter and Paul,
I pray that my heart is opened to grace
As I make that last journey to paradise,
In this hour of unknown future I am ready
To live in that new Eden with my LORD,
I am ready to feel my soul be reborn
In the presence of the Alpha and Omega,
The One and Only GOD of peace and love
My savior and redeemer who is always there,
Years and years may pass me by
And many days may fade from memory
But that last day I shall praise God even more
For I will see Him in that moment
Rising in glorious mercy beyond all things!