Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Joy of Everlasting Clarity

I hear the calling of joys beyond life,
The very foundations of the Earth rejoice
In this hour of all calling peace
For the LORD of lords has made the way clear,
The GOD of gods has allowed our hearts to see,
As we move along this life we are awed
By Your amazing endless and everlasting grace,
In this moment everything is made clear,
The trials and joys the confusion and questions
All were for your purpose to have me see
The freedom that is your grace, I am renewed
By Your amazing love and mercy for You LORD
Gave me the strength to face the days
I did not understand, You sheltered my heart
When I was most vulnerable in those breaking hours,
You my GOD have allowed my heart to have solace
In the knowledge that You have provided a way,
That You my Savior are already preparing a road
Paved in Your majesty beyond my comprehension!