Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Everlasting Sea of Thanksgiving

The sea of thanksgiving
Came to my heart in the endless day,
My dreams and wants in life
Didn’t seem to matter anymore,
Every action seemed purposeless
Without the One true Light that guides!

Even the largest of dreams is nothing
Compared to a life blessed by God,
The rising heart must be opened
To the love and compassion of Christ,
Our minds must be renewed by the Spirit
Of life never ending, of joy unfailing,
We must swim through the sea of all gratitude!

For the Risen Messiah has given us the streams of life,
The Prince of Peace has opened the floodgates of heaven
And is pouring His love to all in every second,
For our Redeemer has fulfilled the promise of salvation,
Our Lord has released the torrent of mercy to all
In this time of all eternal understanding we have been saved,
Our God has given us a way to be forever transformed!

We will walk on the infinite ocean that is true love
In that moment of resurrection we will be overwhelmed with perfection!