Sunday, 18 December 2011

Jesus = Love = Perfection

The storms cannot overcome me
For you LORD of love have protected my soul,
You LORD my GOD are sheltering me
From the flames of strife and conflict,
You have protected my heart from pain,
Every tear you wipe away from my life
For You Yahweh are present in every second,
Jesus You are life itself, forever present,
Forever compassionate, forever loving,
Emmanuel You are the light that guides me home,
You are the infinite tree that stands firm
Against the winds of suffering and doubt,
In every age You were there showing Love,
From the cross Your compassion poured out,
Even now You are sending Your mercy to all
And leading us to see the everlasting that is You,
Bringing our hearts to feel what is eternal
And never ending, You are bringing us to feel Love,
Your Love, Your never failing, never ceasing perfection!