Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Infinite Blazing Torch

I see a torch, a torch powerful;
A flaming blazing torch burning,
I see in the distance a torce endless,
Yes a torch that is forver and ever,
I feel this torch within my soul,
Yes a blazing burning flaming torch
Within my very being deep inside,
Inside my heart is this torch aflame,
Within my searching soul is the flame,
Deep inside me is the fire building,
Yes a building fire forever free from hate,
This fire of infinite power is here,
It's here to stay for all time, future and past,
The flame is forever and is infinite,
I saw this flame this fire of beyond,
And I felt comforted and secure,
I felt a goodness come over me,
This fire was more than just a flame,
I knew it was more and felt a presence,
A presence of all light so endless,
In that moment, that very second,
I knew that heaven had been opened,
In that slowing night I knew of light,
That shining light was Jesus Christ,
And I felt the goodness that is Christ,
I felt the caring affection that Jesus
Sends to all every day and night,
In that second I knew of purity,
For Christ gave me the sight to see!