Sunday, 18 December 2011

Beyond Perfection In Every Way

My heart cannot express enough
Of what GOD has done for me,
GOD came to my heart and mind
Before I even drew my own breath
And consumed my heart with mercy,
HIS compassion is without limits,
Every moment HIS all powerful love
Brings me to my knees in joy
And perfect solace as I sing praises,
Praises to HIS glory beyond all conception,
GOD is more perfect than anything,
More divine than any kindness
Ever given to anyone throughout time,
More beautiful than any sunset
Colored in the most vibrant of extremes,
GOD has touched my heart beyond life,
Yes beyond life GOD has touched
My very existence my very being
And explained what love is,
What true and pure love really is,
The creator of the universe
Has given me a hope that will never fade,
For HE gave me the sight to see forever,
HE opened my eyes to see perfection,
The Ruler of compassion gave me a chance
To see and feel what New Eden will be like,
What the garden of HIS generosity will have,
The LORD of the heavens is not at all evil,
Every action of HIS infinitely outpouring love
Is a sign of what HE wants for us,
A perfect existence of perfect love,
The nature of GOD is truly Agápe,
Nothing compares to HIS outpouring affection,
Not one thing even comes close to what GOD is,
Perfection and compassion in one infinite being,
Nothing I can ever say will be enough to explain
How great and wonderful GOD is,
YAHWEH is majestic in every way,
The very universe bows down in reverence
To HIS understanding and love,
I can’t help but to adore GOD for HE deserves it,
GOD is worthy of every second of my life,
LORD you are worthy, truly worthy of all,
Every moment You send Your grace
To every corner of the world
And shelter the broken in Your heart,
I adore You LORD more than anything I know,
More than anyone in the universe that I could ever know,
LORD I am Yours always and forever,
For You gave me breath and life,
You sheltered me from the very beginning,
Every time I took breath You were there
Looking over me, protecting me,
O’ my Savior, My LORD, My GOD,
You are the only reason I live,
You my King are the Alpha and Omega,
The beginning and forever,
I cherish every moment that I’m near You,
You know my heart LORD,
Everything I have is Yours,
Nothing compares to Your splendor,
You are beyond splendor,
Beyond the realms of Earth and the Universe,
You have no limits, no limits at all,
Marvelous Redeemer is Who You are,
Amazing Father of the lost and low,
You make celestial homes for the homeless of spirit,
The rocky roads of confusion and anxiety
You clear in less than the blink of an eye
For Your glory lasts for all time,
And all existence, You are Eternally supreme,
In every respect You are the One and Only,
The Healer of the sick,
The Guide to the lost and weary,
The Mentor to the confused and lonely,
The Father of humanity,
The Light of the world,
The Builder of wonderful complexity,
The Decider of riotousness,
The Keeper of purity,
The Creator of life,
The Hope of the broken,
The Joy of children,
The Compassion of ages,
GOD You are Truly Magnificent,
You are the Foundation of all order,
The Key to eternal salvation,
The Merciful King of Heaven,
The Glorious YAHWEH,
The Comforter of the young and old,
The Truth of all time and space,
The Great Teacher of understanding,
The Prince of Peace,
The Patient and Caring Maker,
The Affectionate and Riotous Judge,
The Holy Firestorm of Justice,
GOD You are Truly Wonderful,
You are the Cultivator of Love,
The Supreme Counselor,
The Designer of Perfection,
The Founder of all Creation,
The GOD of gods the LORD of lords,
The Absolute Authority of Existence,
The ONE KING of all the universe,
You LORD are more than I could ever dream for,
You are Holy beyond what words can describe,
Your very existence expresses True Love,
I treasure You beyond what I can describe,
My hope is in You, my life is in You,
For You GOD of LOVE, You are Redemption,
You are beyond Perfection in every way!