Friday, 22 January 2010

Renaissance of life

Can we begin to forget the hurt caused by, so many wars and, so much death. We must forget the pain and forgive those that have caused that pain. We must if humanity is to flourish. To continue our all encompassing way of life. We must have a renaissance. A renaissance not just of the rebirth of learning and literacy, but a rebirth of dignity. A rebirth of chivalry and honor. A rebirth of the fundamentals of love. A rebirth of values of true understanding of other cultures, but yet keeping with our own culture, Our culture of freedom and liberty. We must have a rebirth of awareness. An awareness toward responsibility. The responsibility each of us have. The responsibility toward goodness. The responsibility we must never forget the responsibility we have to care for our children and the children of the world. To care for our brothers and our sisters. To give our love to those that are suffering or are in a trying time in their lives. We must if we are to have a renaissance of every kind and every way on this beautiful place we call Earth. This needs to come if we are to enter into the new century as a united people. We need to be interested in the advancement of thought and understanding. The world in general needs to have some faith in humanities potential for goodness given the right circumstances and environment. We must for the sake of the future of the human race!