Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hopes For Endless Growth

There are so, many hopes for the future of space exploration and the science involved in manned space flight. Men and Woman have died in the process of trying to achieve those hopes and dreams. Scientists have spent countless years researching the formulas and level of engineering required for the feats of manned space flight. From the humble beginnings of space travel with the sputnik 1, to the great level of scientific wisdom the Apollo mission to the Moon took. Mankind has been seeking more information from the stars and space that surrounds this blue marble we call Earth, but of all the hopes and dreams all the individuals at NASA, the ESA, and other space agencies around the world. The is the dream that humanity could find another place we could call home. Another Eden in the vastness of the universe. To find more room to expand the civilization of human race. That is the aspiring dream that is at the top of the list and if we were able to find another place to call home it would elevate many ills that we now face. If we were even able to terraform Mars to be livable it would be wonderful news. If we could we would eliminate starvation and the shortage of space we will eventually run into thousands of years from now because the world will be to small eventually for the future human race. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but maybe in the time of our children's great-great-great-great-great grand children or after. They will live in a world where people will have to live in mile tall high rises covering entire countries and trying to breath through cloud like smog covering the horizon of the entire planet. That is one reason why we need to find new homes for the children of humanity there are hundreds of billions of stars there have to be countless worlds to colonize, so that we can thrive and grow for all time almost an eternity if you think in bigger picture.