Saturday, 23 January 2010

Consistent & Enduring Love

Love is something that has been thought of and sought after for millennium. That is true love, love that cannot be lost or forgotten no matter what happens in the process of life and the sometimes bumpy road that we travel. Love that at it’s core cannot be twisted into something that is not pure or into a decadent lie. To understand what love is what true love is. We must look very closely at how love is formed. How love begins. How a person can find someone else and want to spend eternity with them. How two youths can find Eden in each others arms. This is what we must unravel. The secret to true love forever and a day.

We must find how to love forever. How to look into another’s eyes and say those words with trueness. Those three words that can change, so much and help, so much. The words of “I LOVE YOU”. These words which might seem simple to most people. can be very hard to come by when the one that you love says a mean or demeaning remark against you for one reason or another in a fight. It may seem impossible to utter when the one that you love strikes you for no apparent reason what so ever. Or pushes you down out of some ill begotten anger. Which there is no excuse for either action. Those simple words may seem almost hurtful to say if the one that you love has been negligent of your emotional needs. These simple words can heal, so much pain and hurt. If these words come from the trueness of your heart there is no way to measure their powerful affect on the one whom you say them to.

Those words are very important to keep a vibrant relationship. They are very important to have close to your heart. If you do loose those words of “I LOVE YOU”. You will have lost true love. The love that has no ending. This love should be almost like a present like a gift that you give someone every day. It shouldn’t be a loving gift of once a year or a few times a year. You should speak those words to the one you love as often as you can and the more often that you can say it the more you will lay it in your heart. That is very important in a relationship consistency. Consistency to show the one that you love your dedication to the relationship.