Monday, 7 November 2011

Heavenly Heart

In this world it is hard to find a Heavenly heart,
A heart that is so connected to Christ
That its very pulse is mercy every second,
The world has no power over a heart such as this,
There is no way that this grace could be corrupted
To change its ways of kindness and hope,
There is no chance that the compassion could be erased
For a Heavenly heart cannot be swayed away from grace,
A Heavenly heart stands infinitely secure on the truths
Of eternal life provided by the blood of Jesus Christ
And the light of a never ending forgiveness,
Of purity beyond this fallen world misshapen by lust,
A Heavenly heart is secure in trusting the laws of light
The everlasting maxim’s of the Alpha and Omega
Throughout the one Book of infinite infallibility,
A heart centered on Jesus is a heart of Heaven,
A heart surrendered to Christ is a heart of Heaven,
A heart focused on eternity holds true to the axioms
Of true and unselfish love, an unrelenting compassion
For the hurting and lost, for the defenseless
And the meek, for the children who have no home,
A Heavenly heart is dedicated to the rock of the ages
The One and True Redeemer of the whole universe,
Lord Jesus Light of the world enter all our hearts
And transform us from the inside out and be changed
To have Heavenly Hearts ready to know your eternity!