Sunday, 18 December 2011

Beyond Compare

Please Lord save my heart from my own destruction,
Lord Jesus give me the strength to fight my temptations,
Give me the sight I once had,
The will to turn away from the abyss of lies
And turn to your divine amazing grace
That frees my soul beyond anything,
Those feelings of selfishness will never rule me
For you God have given me the way,
You have given me the path to Eternity
To the golden gates of purity and true love,
Creator of the universe Lord of compassion
Give me the defense within my heart
To run away from the lust that destroys truth,
Savior of my life give me the clarity
To only see you in my life always,
Destroy all of the darkness within,
The actions that separate me from you,
Lord I await for the day
That I will bow at your feet once again
I pray that that day may come soon
For Lord you are the Light that is Love
You are the flood that washed away my tears,
Your Spirit awakens me every moment of my life
To breath in the amazingness of your mercy
And forever limitlessness of your Love that you give me
In every second and every year,
God you have given me the rain to grow
You have made the river of pureness that never fades,
Lord you free me from the prisons that I’ve made
Within my heart and mind you shatter the corruption
That wants to divide me from you,
Emmanuel truth flows from your spirit
And gives me the rebirth of the heart,
A rededication of the mind and soul,
Lord I await your return with joy always
And when my soul rises to heaven
My songs of praise will never end,
For you Lord of eternity and forever
Have touched my heart beyond compare!